Course Image Adventures of Polly the Puffin (N)

Resources to find out about puffins. 

Course Image The Bonnie Beasts of Scotland

An introduction to amazing Scottish animals and their habitats across our country.

Course Image Skulls, Teeth and Diet

An introduction to the teeth and diet of different Scottish animals.

Course Image Marvellous Mini-Beasts

Engage pupils with the wildlife on their doorstep. Download mini-beast safari resources for use in your school grounds. 

Course Image Endangered Animals

Focusing on the main threats to wildlife in Scotland and what action can be taken to help.

Course Image Scottish Habitats

Looking at the main habitats in Scotland and discovering how animals are adapted to each habitat.

Course Image Saving Scotland's Wildcats

A spotlight on the endangered Scottish wildcat; its threats, inherited characteristics, and what is being done to help protect it.

Course Image Beavers are Back!

Discover more about our brilliant beavers and the ground-breaking Scottish Beaver Trial partnership that enabled beavers to be returned to their roots