Course Image Beyond the Panda

Welcome to Beyond the Panda free learning resources. This resource has been designed and developed to enable learners and learning providers to investigate, study and explore a variety of topics within the overall context of giant pandas and China.

On the following pages you will find a range of interdisciplinary learning activities aimed at providing relevant, challenging and enjoyable learning experiences for children and young people from early years onwards.

Each set of resources begins with an interesting lesson stimulus followed by a set of differentiated learning activities designed to meet the varied needs of children and young people. Each activity has background notes for teachers, clear curriculum links and a list of suggested resources including books, websites and video links.

Course Image Beyond the Panda - mini course

Beyond the Panda: 8 week mini course (paid materials)

Beyond the Panda can form an 8 week course. Some of the additional material has been organised into 5 suggested lesson plans which may follow the panda box loan and expert visit.

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If you purchase any of the following packs you will gain access to the associated premium materials, please make sure you are logged in to view the pages below. 

  • P1-P3 economy pack 
  • P4-P7 economy pack
  • Secondary Endangered Species
    Follow on materials and further copies of the Secondary Endangered Species game - how to play, answers, additional resources, glossary of terms and case study. 
  • Secondary S1/S2 Pack
    Follow on materials and further copies of the Secondary S1/S2 pack - how to play, answers and additional resources.

To book any of the above contact Sandie Robb at or 07963 070654.