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  • Giraffe About Town - Community Programme

    Giraffe About Town

    Giraffe About Town

    Join the herd this summer to learn about giraffes, get crafty and explore our tall trail around the streets of Edinburgh!

    • Giraffe Games

      Giraffe spots Can you spot the difference between these two pictures?

      Spot the difference!

      Knock knock...What was that sound? It was the sound of our giraffe jokes! Buckle-up and enjoy!

      You're having a giraffe!

      A toy giraffe hiding in a rainforest sceneWhere's Raffey? See if you can spot our friendly giraffe hiding all over Edinburgh Zoo!

      Where's Raffey?
      • Giraffe Stories

        See the collection of giraffe stories on Libby!
        A cartoon giraffe holding a stack of books

        You can find our wee community herd in libraries across Edinburgh. To celebrate, Edinburgh Libraries have put together a list of amazing giraffe-themed ebooks and audiobooks!

        Anyone with Edinburgh Libraries membership can borrow these for free and if you are not already a member you can join online here.

        A Giraffe About the Town

        Join the Collector Giraffe on his adventures with our very own Giraffe About Town story. If you love rhyming adventures full of humour, this story, written by Krystyna Keir, is the one for you!

        A Giraffe About the Town

        Join in the adventure!

         Why not try adding your own verses to add to his journey around Edinburgh?

        You could become the story's latest illustrator and create artwork to match.

        Make the story interactive for us and create a puppet show or stop motion video to bring his adventures to life!

        Share your adventures with us at, or on Facebook or Twitter and with your permission, we can share it here for others to enjoy!

        • Giraffe Crafts

        • Giraffe Conservation Foundation

          Learn about how the Giraffe Conservation Foundation are helping giraffes in the wild!

          • Your Giraffes

            We would love to see your giraffes! Whether your group is painting one of our "wee herd" or you're holding your own giraffe day, share your pictures with us on twitter!

            Join our Herd!
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