Topic outline

  • Biodiversity


    • Content

      Resources to accompany our Biodiversity session. This is a bookable lesson looking into the key concepts of biodiversity including genetic, species and ecosystem diversity. This session also looks at threats to biodiversity and some conservation efforts that are happening today.

      • Lesson Outline

        An introduction to the topic of biodiversity. Pupils will see living examples to highlight the main areas of this topic and take part in an interactive session at the Education Centre discussing different aspects of this fascinating field.

        • Pre-Visit Resources

          A selection of resources designed for use before your visit.

          For example, why not get your class thinking about the importance of the food chain with the below activity?

        • Post-Visit Resources

          Following you're visit, why not discover more about the world of biodiversity by investigating the role of an ecosystem engineer. RZSS have recently reintroduced one such species back into Scotland following its extinction here in the 16th century following overhunting by mankind. Having reintroduced the species in Knapdale on the west-coast of Scotland, the population has started to spread across the country and has once more been recognised as a native species living within the UK. But the job of RZSS is not yet over as we continue to play a role on monitoring and bolstering the fledgling population. 

          RZSS aren't stopping there with reintroducing species into the wild. The Highland Wildlife Park opened an offshow Amur Leopard breeding centre back in 2017.

          In 2018, the first cubs were born, and having been raised in an off-show enclosure with little-to-no contact with humans, these cubs are eligible to be released into the wild to help boost the population size (and genetic diversity) of these critically endangered big cats.


        • Summary Quiz

          A brief quiz designed to help consolidate learning from the day and revisit key learning outcomes.

        • What Next?

          Want to keep engaging with RZSS Education?


          - Book your school on for our biannual Global Classroom Conferences (free to attend student conferences for you and your class (S1-S6) to attend at Edinburgh Zoo. Each year has a different topical conservation theme on which fun and interactive workshops are created for your class to engage with)

          - Look out for updates on other projects or CPD opportunities on our dedicated 'RZSS Education' website, facebook, or twitter.

          - Explore the other educational resources on this moodle page, or better yet, come visit us again at Edinburgh Zoo or the Highland Wildlife Park!


          - Join the Conservation Action Team (a club for 11-15 year olds based out of Edinburgh Zoo's Wildlife Garden that meets monthly to promote and explore local and global biodiversity).

          - Apply for Science Summer School (a free week long experience at Edinburgh Zoo or the Highland Wildlife Park designed for 16-18 year olds)

          - Book on to RZSS ZEBRA (a free 13 week course run at Edinburgh Zoo over winter for 16-18 year olds on Friday afternoons - available to Edinburgh students only)

          - Do your Advanced Higher Projects with us (Students may apply to complete their Advanced Higher Investigations at Edinburgh Zoo or the Highland Wildlife Park by means of a non-invasive observational behavioural research project)