Habitats of China and Scotland

1. What is a habitat?

This is book 2 in China/Scotland Project. It is advised you first read Chinese and Scottish Animals before reading this book. 

A habitat is the natural home of an animal. 

Examples of some habitats:

desert - an area of land with little water or plants and usually covered in sand

grassland - a large area mainly covered in grass

mixed forest - a forest with two or more different kinds of trees, for example, coniferous and deciduous trees. 

(Coniferous trees are evergreen and usually produce cones. Deciduous trees shed their leaves each year.)

mountain range - a series of mountains or hills

rainforest - a forest with different layers of trees and lots of rain

lake or loch - a large area of water surrounded by land

river - a large stream of water, usually flowing to the sea or ocean

ocean - a very large area of sea