The giant panda's teeth

1. How do giant pandas eat bamboo?

This is book 2 in Giant Panda Expert Visit P4-P7. It is advised you first read Introduction and the giant panda's hand before reading this book. 

ncisors are front teeth and usually used for biting. Canines are pointed teeth, usually used for killing and defending. Pre-molars are smaller back teeth which lie in between the front and back teeth. Molars are back teeth. 

The molars (back teeth) are very different in a giant panda compared to the other bears. 

Look at photo A which shows three different views of a skull. 

Now look at photo B, which shows three different views of another skull. 

Look closely at the size and shape of the molars and the shape of the skulls. 

One skull is a giant panda and one is a black bear. Which shows the giant panda?