Chinese endangered animals

1. The Amur tiger

China is home to over 6000 different species of animal. For this session, we will only look at 4 animals: the Amur tiger, Steller's sea eagle, bharal and giant panda. 

Let's find out how to say these animal names in Mandarin. The literal meaning (the exact words used in the translation) of these animal's names describe the animal or where the animal lives in China. 

Let's first look at the name for the Amur tiger. 

东北虎         dōngběi hǔ        east north tiger       Amur tiger             
Mandarin Learning Points:

  • Directions like north east, south east, north west and south west are translated as east north, east south, west north and west south. 

Use the words below to work out how to say:

1. south east

2. south west

3. north west

北                  běi                     north                 
南                  nán                    south                 
东                  dōng                  east                   
西                  xī                       west