Why do we study animal behaviour?

Find out more about why we study animal behaviour here.

Challenge 1

Now you know why we study animal behaviour so who’s up for challenge one? Let’s go!

Count how many adult pairs of gentoo penguins you see ‘bow-hiss’ to each other in a 30 second period using our penguin cam. Repeat this two more times and then find the average like this:

Finding an Average

Step 1: Add up total number of times you saw penguins bow-hiss accross the 3 observations

e.g.  17 + 12 + 8 = 37

Step 2: Take your total and divide it by the number of times you observed the penguins (in this case 3 times)

e.g. 37 ÷ 3 = 12.333

We wont judge if you want to use a caculator! Just don’t forget to share your results with us at RZSS Learning via social media or email quoting "Behaviour Hub Level 1"!