Early level - Suggested Activity

Suggested Learning Framework

In this lesson, pupils will read and watch Lesson Stimulus - Housing Giant Pandas. They will find out about the giant panda enclosures at Edinburgh Zoo and the features they have that make them suitable environments for giant pandas in captivity. Pupils could also watch the Edinburgh Zoo Panda Cam to see Yang Guang in his enclosure.

Using a selection of natural materials that they have gathered from woodland walks, school grounds and home gardens, pupils will design and build a miniature outdoor enclosure for giant pandas.
Some features, such as the climbing frame and tree house, will require pupils to refashion materials using additional resources such as grasses and natural twine. They will also need to use basic carpentry tools to complete the task.

On completion of the design task, pupils will be able to explain the features they have included in their models and say why these are necessary for a giant panda outdoor enclosure.