Early level - Suggested Activity

Background Notes for Teachers

Giant Pandas naturally live in the mountainous areas of central China surrounded by cool, wet dense bamboo forests. For pandas in captivity, it is important that they spend their time in an environment that closely mimics that of their natural habitat.

At RZSS Edinburgh Zoo the giant panda enclosure has been primarily designed to do just that. Each design feature of the enclosure has a purpose - from giving the pandas shelter from the elements to providing structures for climbing and scratching, everything has been designed and installed for a specific reason.

Find out more about these features:

The panda enclosure at Edinburgh Zoo1. Stone caves for shelter and privacy.

2. Pond for refreshing dips on hot days.

3. Trees for climbing and exercise.

4. Rocks, grass and woodchip to provide a variety of textures.

5. Low trees and shrubs for shade and cover.

6. Tree house and climbing frame for privacy and exercise.

7. Reclining rocks for relaxation!