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As part of the 10 year agreement, RZSS pledged to contribute to conservation research and agreed to establish a comprehensive programme of scientific research and study into giant pandas. It is hoped that this research will eventually help secure the future of pandas, both in captivity and in the wild.

Researchers in China

Since signing in 2011, RZSS has not only committed funds to help with conservation projects and the rebuilding of giant panda conservation centres in China, but has also invested in a dedicated programme of research in Scotland.

Researchers in Scotland

This programme involves keepers and scientific researchers who have unique expertise across a variety of scientific fields of study including bacteriology, oncology, dentistry, animal behaviour and nutrition.

A panda and a keeper at Edinburgh Zoo

As well as this, RZSS and CWCA are also involved in a series of joint projects in other vital areas of research including genetics, embryology, immunology and veterinary medicine. The results of these studies will be shared with conservation centres in China and beyond.

Veterinary surgeons at work