First Level - Suggested Activity

Background Notes for Teachers

In January 2011, following 5 years of talks between RZSS, the UK and China, a historic agreement was signed for the loan of two giant pandas to RZSS Edinburgh Zoo, this 10 year agreement stated that RZSS would establish a comprehensive programme of scientific research and study into giant pandas and that this research would help secure the future of the giant panda both in captivity and in the wild. In addition, RZSS would also establish an education programme for pupils to learn about giant pandas and China. 

Since the signing of the agreement RZSS has not only helped to fund the rebuilding of giant panda conservation centres in China, it has also invested heavily in a dedicated programme of research in Scotland. This research involves keepers and scientific researchers across a variety of fields.

In August 2013, 'Beyond the Panda' was created as the giant panda education programme. It is designed for cross curricular learning where pupils investigate and discover more about China, its culture, language, geography, giant pandas and other Chinese wildlife. 

In September 2013 the foremost panda experts in the world were bought to Edinburgh to develop a worldwide, five year panda research plan that centres on five key areas: field ecology, genetic management, artificial breeding and infant panda care, veterinary management and research and behavioural research.