Third Level - Suggested Activity

Background Notes for Teachers

In this lesson pupils read a news story about panda diplomacy and how pandas, seen as a national treasure in China, play an important role for their country.

It focuses on pandas being money earners and bargaining tools for lucrative trade deals between China and other countries around the world with only a brief reference to scientific research and education, which now comes as part of any panda loan agreement between China and a host country.

The report references the 'panda loan deal with Scotland' and states that it was being overseen whilst China was negotiating lucrative contracts worth around £2.6 billion. It fails to mention the five year giant panda research plan which is a comprehensive programme of scientific research and study into giant pandas, spearheaded by RZSS, to help secure the future of pandas both in captivity and in the wild, Nor does it mention the conservation work in China that is funded by these loan agreements.