Third Level - Suggested Activity

Key Vocabulary

Accuracy: a new story is accurate if every fact can be verified and confirmed.

Angle: the point of view from which a piece is written.

Balanced reporting: all sides of the issue are represented equally and fairly.

Biased reporting: one side of the story is favoured over another. Biased reporting includes loaded language and limited facts and sources.

Credible: if the named sources can be verified and trusted then the news story is likely to be credible.

Loaded language: words with positive or negative suggestions that may cause strong emotions.

Newsworthiness: newsworthy stories have timeliness, proximity, widespread impact, human interest, emotional appeal and/or uniqueness.

Reliable: news stories are reliable if they are thorough, unbiased and accurate.

Source: a person used to give a professional opinion or to support facts.

Thoroughness: thorough news stories consult many sources and accurately report both sides of the story.