The giant panda's teeth

3. Mandarin names for animal teeth

Let's try to say the names of the animal teeth in Mandarin. 

It is also interesting to look at the literal meaning (the exact words used in the translations). 


门齿        ménchǐ         doorway (opening) tooth           


犬齿        quǎnchǐ        dog tooth                                


臼齿        jiùchǐ            mortar tooth                          

chewing molars 

咀嚼齿    jǔjuéchǐ        to chew tooth                         

slicing molars

裂齿        lièchǐ            to split (break open) tooth     

Please note that there are different names used in Chinese for human teeth. The names above are for describing animal teeth. In chapter 6, there are the names usually used for human teeth.