The giant panda's teeth

7. What happens next?

We have now learnt how the giant panda grips the bamboo and how the giant panda eats the bamboo. 

Giant pandas have to eat a lot of bamboo each day. The amount varies but on average it is about 17kg per day. 

This also means that pandas poo lots in one day! One giant panda can poo up to 50 times per day! 

Faeces (poo) is very important for scientists to study. Giant panda faeces is collected at Edinburgh Zoo to find out about the health of the giant pandas. Giant panda faeces in the wild is collected to find out exactly what giant pandas eat. Although we know they mainly eat bamboo, they can eat over 60 different kinds of bamboo, as well as other plants and some animals. With more understanding of what the panda eats, it helps with the work to restore the bamboo forests.