The giant panda's teeth

8. And...

Urine (piddle) is also very important for scientists to study. The urine of TianTian, the female panda at Edinburgh Zoo, is collected to help find out about the different stages of having a baby. 

I am sure you want to learn how to say poo and piddle in Mandarin! 

大便    dà biàn     (big urinating or defecating)       poo

小便    xiǎo biàn  (small urinating or defecating)    piddle

Urinating comes from the word urine and 'to urinate' means to piddle; 'to defecate' is to poo. The Chinese use the same word for both but describe the poo as big and the piddle as small. 

The next book will explain a bit more about the plant bamboo.