First level - Suggested Activity

Design and Build an Outdoor Panda Enclosure That Features an Indoor and Outdoor Space

First Level: Craft and Design Contexts for Developing Technological Skills
During practical activities and design challenges, I can estimate and measure using appropriate instruments and units.
TCH 1-13a
Through discovery and imagination, I can develop and use problem-solving strategies to construct models.
TCH 1-14a
Having evaluated my work, I can adapt and improve, where appropriate, through trial and error or by using feedback. 
TCH 1-14b


  • To design and build an outdoor and indoor giant panda enclosure that has all the features needed to provide a stimulating, yet comfortable environment for pandas in captivity.
  • To use problem solving strategies to design and build various features.
  • To find and use a selection of natural and man-made materials suitable for the design task.
  • To estimate and measure enclosure areas to ensure design elements and features will fit.
  • To adapt and improve designs following verbal or written feedback from teachers and peers.