Second level - Suggested Activity

Design and Build an Outdoor Panda Enclosure That Features an Indoor and Outdoor Space

Second Level: Craft and Design Contexts for Developing Technological Skills
During practical activities and design challenges, I can estimate and measure using appropriate instruments and units.
TCH 2-13a
Through discovery and imagination, I can develop and use problem-solving strategies to construct models.
TCH 2-14a
Having evaluated my work, I can adapt and improve, where appropriate, through trial and error or by using feedback. 
TCH 2-14b

Giant Panda Outdoor Enclosure

The panda enclosure at Edinburgh Zoo

1. Stone caves for shelter and privacy.

2. Pond for refreshing dips on hot days.

3. Trees for climbing and exercise.

4. Rocks, grass and woodchip to provide a variety of textures.

5. Low trees and shrubs for shade and cover.

6. Tree house and climbing frame for privacy and exercise.

7. Reclining rocks for relaxation!