Second level - Suggested Activity

Investigate Global Sustainable Community Initiatives and RZSS Conservation Programmes

Social Studies - Second Level
I can discuss the environmental impact of human activity and suggest ways in which we can live in a more environmentally-responsibly way.
SOC 2-08a


  • To find out how RZSS is contributing to the global giant panda conservation effort.
  • To understand how habitat loss has led to giant pandas being initially classed as Critically Endangered, then Endangered and now Vulnerable. 
  • To find out about organizations that are helping to develop sustainable community initiatives.
  • To understand that many rural communities around the world are poor and they rely on the land to help them survive.
  • To research and discuss some of the sustainable community initiatives that have been set up globally.
  • To research the conservation programmes carried out by RZSS.
  • To think of ways to help support the organizations that are spearheading conservation programmes around the world.
  • To think about ways to make your own school and local community more sustainable.