Curriculum for Excellence Links

SCN 2-01a

'I can identify and classify examples of living things, past and present, to help me appreciate their diversity. I can relate physical and behavioural characteristics to their survival or extinction.'

SCN 2-08a

'I can discuss the environmental impact of human activity and suggest ways in which we can live in a more environmentally - responsible way.'

SCN 2-20a

'Through research and discussion I have an appreciation of the contribution that individuals are making to scientific discovery and invention and the impact this has made on society.'

LGL 2-08a

'I have worked on my own and with others to understand texts using appropriate resources. I can read and demonstrate my understanding of sentences and simple texts containing familiar language.'

LGL 2-09a

'I have worked on my own and with others to read and discuss Gaelic texts. I can share simple facts about life in some of the countries where Gaelic and related languages are spoken.'

LGL 2-11c

'I can recognise and comment on other features of my own language, which help me to make sense of words in Gaelic.'

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