Nursery outreach session

Beyond the Panda offers a free nursery outreach session for pre-school pupils. It is available throughout Scotland but it does have to be booked along with some of our other primary sessions as it is not practical to deliver the nursery programme on its own. 

Panda Puppet Story

Max numbers: 16 (please split larger class sizes into two or three groups as appropriate)

Time: 30-45 minutes

A panda puppet helps introduce some facts about the giant panda and its diet. This is followed by four activity stations and then a giant panda number story. The stations include: 

  • Touch pots including fur, teeth, claw, nose and bamboo;
  • Matching colours game
  • Matching numbers game
  • Matching life-cycle game showing the differences between the life-cycle of a bird and the life-cycle of a giant panda. 

Contact to book. 

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