Course Image Beavers and Wildcats

Find out all about two amazing Scottish animals which RZSS is helping to protect; beavers and Scottish wildcats. Learn about the re-introduction of beavers into Scotland and what is being done to help save the Scottish wildcat.

Course Image Endangered Animals

An introduction to endangered animals, the threats they face and what we can do about it.

Course Image Mini-beasts

Discover the world of marvellous mini-beasts! This section is full of mini-beast information, interactive activities, and resources to go on a mini-beast hunt in your school ground. 

Course Image Seas, Forests, Mountains and Moors
This session focuses on the main habitats in Scotland; woodland, mountains, heaths and bogs, lochs, rivers and wetlands, farmland and croftland, coasts and seas, and urban. Discover species which are found in each one and how they are adapted to life there. 
Course Image The Bonnie Beasts of Scotland

Bonnie Beasts of Scotland introduces amazing Scottish animals and their habitats across our country.

Course Image Adventures of Polly the Puffin

The section focuses on puffins! Find about about puffins with these resources for early years classes.