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Saving Scotland's Wildcats - Session One

Welcome to session one of two! This first lesson will introduce you to wildcats in Scotland; their habits, history and hopeful future. 

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Outdoor Gaelic Beginners

An introduction to colours in Gaelic using our zoo animals and the space around you.

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Polar Explorers

Combine social studies and science to become Polar Explorers! This virtual tour provides your class with the unique opportunity to see both our penguins and polar bears at the Highland Wildlife Park and Edinburgh Zoo.

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Endangered Animals

This interactive session enables pupils to explore the biggest issues affecting wildlife and habitats across the world through a virtual tour. Your class will also have the opportunity to explore our unique resources before, during and after your time with us to make connections and secure their understanding of the threats faced by animals.

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Cycle of Life

Join us for an introduction to reproduction, growth and development. Pupils will find out about the changes that take place in animals as they develop sexual maturity.

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