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Endangered Animals

This interactive session enables pupils to explore the issues affecting wildlife and habitats through examination of our unique resources.


Experience the sounds and sights of the Budongo rainforest while learning about the biodiversity and conservation work being carried out to protect it.

Variety of Life

Find out about vertebrate classification in this hands-on session.

Wild Gardens and Wee Beasties

In this interactive session find out about Scottish biodiversity, the threats to it and what we can all do on our doorsteps to help to protect it. Weather permitting this session will be outside in our Wildlife Garden.

Discovering Animals

An introduction to the threats faced by animals in the wild today and the work being done to stop them becoming extinct.

Fur, Feathers, Skin and Scales

Get hands-on with this introduction to the classification of animals.

Our Forest

An introduction to life in the Scottish forest and the diversity of animals living there. Children discover the structure and biodiversity of forests through activities and discussion. They will have the chance to observe and handle mini-beasts as well as some of our unique biofacts such as feathers.

Build a Zoo

Find out about the design of the enclosures for animals, what keeps our animals happy and what all captive animals need. This session includes a tour of some of our animal enclosures where the features will be described and the five freedoms of captive animals can be explained. The session will finish with the students designing their own enclosure, including rough measurements.

Night Zookeeper

Join us on a tour of some of the animal that live in the Day Zoo and then journey into the imagination with a trip to the Night Zoo. Children will learn about the Night Zoo and some of it's residents and then they will create their very own character.

Cycle of Life

An introduction to reproduction, growth and development. Pupils find out about the changes that take place in animals as they develop sexual maturity.