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Outdoor Gaelic Minibeasts

This interactive session will help pupils to identify minibeasts, using some of our zoo minibeasts as examples, while also developing their skills in asking and answering questions in Gaelic. 

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Develop your class’s understanding of genetic, species and ecosystem biodiversity (Higher: 3.7) by focusing on our incredible cat species during a virtual tour. While exploring definitions and real-world examples, your class will embed their understanding and create their own concept cartoons. They will also learn about threats to biodiversity (Higher: 3.8) and the distribution of organisms (SCN 3-01a) and ecosystems (Nat 5: 3.1).

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Evolutions and Adaptations

Using real-world examples of animals at the zoo and park, your class will develop their understanding of mutations, (Higher: 1.6), natural selection (Nat 5: 3.4), speciation (Higher: 1.7), and physical, physiological and behavioural adaptations (Nat 4: 3.5).

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Animal Behaviour

Using a unique blended approach, your class can gain access to a live virtual tour and our Animal Behaviour Hub to examine the complex structures (Higher: 2.6) and communications of primate families (Higher: 3.6) and other species.

Combining this session with our Hub enables your pupils to observe and record data on our animals for their own behavioural study (Adv. Higher: 2.1 & 3.2).

The session also demonstrates how RZSS’s on-site research allows us to improve welfare of animals in our care (Higher: 3.4).

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An exploration the influence of behaviour, anatomy, hormones, fertility treatments and zoo animal husbandry on successful reproduction in ex-situ breeding programmes.

Animal Welfare Hub

Our Animal Welfare virtual resources are currently under development. Please check back soon.