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Zoos and Conservation

An overview of the role of modern zoos as centres for conservation, education and research. Discuss the dilemmas that zoos and conservation organisations face regularly. 

Themed Tour

Take a guided tour around some of our amazing animals


This sessions looks at the impact that humans have on our environment as well as looking at 'what is sustainability?' and how we can lead more sustainable lives. 

Human Animal Conflict

An outdoor learning session examining the ways human populations can conflict with the wildlife and ecosystems that we live alongside.

Genetics and Inheritance

Using some of our zoo examples this sessions covers topics such as mutations, variation, phenotype & genotype and the importance of genetics in the conservation of species globally.  

Evolution and Adaptations

During this interactive session and tour students will discover more about the process of evolution by looking at natural selection and adaptations, and thinking about the impacts of a changing world on species survival. 


RZSS is a charitable business. Find out who our customers are, how we promote our zoos, what products and services we offer our visitors as well as what we do for wildlife conservation.


A look into the key concepts of biodiversity including genetic, species and ecosystem diversity. This session also looks at threats to biodiversity and some conservation efforts that are happening today.

Animal Behaviour

An introduction to primates and other species, their diversity and social structures with the option of the pupils observing and recording data on our animals for their own behavioural study.

Animal Art

A short introduction to RZSS, including a discussion of some of our most photogenic animal models. Then take part in a drawing session with our still-life resources such as skulls, skeletons, skins and taxidermy animals.