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  • Pangolin - The Conservation Podcast

    Pangolin - The Conservation Podcast

    Join host Jack Baker and a collection of global experts as they hold a celebration and investigation of all things Pangolin!

    Exploring the life and times of this enigmatic creature, everything from what they eat, to their relationship to COVID-19, to what you can do to help protect them is on the table.

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    • Meet the Pangolin

      In the first episode we are introduced to your host, Jack Baker, and our species of choice: the pangolin. After profiling the species, Jack is joined by Jamie Ormiston from the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland. The pair discuss the difficulties of raising awareness about an animal which cannot be kept within zoos.

    • Ecosystem Engineers

      In the second show of the series, Jack is joined by Dr Morgan Hauptfleisch from the Namibia University of Science and Technology to dive deeper into the concept of ecosystem services. Highlighting both the ecological and economic value of the pangolin, the pair contextualise why the protection of the species is crucial.

    • Threats in the Field and Further Afield

      Joined by Kelsey Prediger (a researcher specialising in pangolin), Jack discusses the threats facing the pangolin both in situ and globally. The duo also discuss Kelsey's work in Namibia, the cultural relevance of the species within the region, and how you can make a difference to pangolin no matter where you are.

    • The World's Most Trafficked Mammal

      One of the biggest threats facing pangolin globally is trafficking. After a deep dive into the scale of this issue, Dr Chris Lusk (the Executive Director of the Consortium for Anti-Trafficking Research in Scotland) joins Jack to discuss the complex nature of trafficking, and why she believes the solution to this lies in interagency cooperation.

    • The Pangolin and COVID-19

      The COVID-19 pandemic has swept the globe and caused the world to stop and think. In this episode Jack takes a moment to reflect upon the impacts of this virus on the pangolin. Following this he is joined by Professor Jo Sharp to discuss her work on zoonosis, the One Health initiative (which is being proposed as the solution to the current pandemic), and the power of contextualised working.

    • Awareness, Awareness, Awareness

      In the final episode of the series, Jack meets Penelope Jacobs. The pair dissect the myths surrounding the use of Pangolin in South East Asia and discuss the importance of awareness. Following this Jack reflects upon the series as a whole and summarises how each of us can help fight against the plight of the pangolin.