• Summer With The Zoo

    Hello and happy summer!

    We’ve got lots of exciting adventures for you to enjoy whenever you would like to over the holidays. You can also share all your discoveries with us by emailing them to us, tagging us on social media or uploading them to this Zoodle page!

    Click on each section to discover videos, things to try at home, competitions, games, crafts and lots of other ideas too. 

    • Fabulous Food

      Tiger Food and Enrichment Challenge

      Get closer than any visitor has ever been before and discover tigers. Then, when you're brave enough, enter into Dharma’s enclosure! 🚷🌟
      You’ll see the Sumatran tiger with her enrichment. Please note, you will also see Dharma eating a deer leg for lunch!
      Then, design your own enrichment device for an animal and share it with us! Watch the video for more top tips.


      Panda Cake? Human Cupcakes? Yes Please!

      Discover the cakes we feed to Tian Tian 🐼 and Yang Guang 🐼, our giant pandas! Then, try recreating our animals in cupcake form or design your own!

      Click here for cupcake ingredients  

      Superhero Food

      Wide range of vegetables

      Explore your kitchen to find out more about where your food has come from and what impact it has on the environment.

      Where has your food come from?

      Ninja Challenge

      Your ninja challenge today is to check your labels and buy things that include sustainable palm oil or things that are palm oil-free.

      • Definitely Not Pets!

        Animals at the zoo need care and the best homes possible, just like our pets. They also love training like some pets! 

        Sun bears

        Watch our Discover Sun Bears video and then create a sun bear's dream habitat in Minecraft 💻 or using recycled materials and getting crafty ✂️! You could also pick a different animal to create a home for! Send your designs or photos to us at education@rzss.org.uk.

        Animal Training

        Go behind the scenes with our Head of Veterinary Science, Simon Girling, and discover rhino training 🦏. You can also find out more about the work our keepers do with the red pandas at RZSS Edinburgh Zoo!

        Interactive Rhino Training Video Interactive Red Panda Video

        Animal Yoga

        All our pets need exercise and so do animals, including US! Follow the link below to try our yoga challenges. Maybe your pet could even join you? 🐾

        Ninja Challenge

        Your ninja challenge today is to care for your pets and make sure if you're getting a new one, they're a domestic, legal species.

        Want more animals? Why not watch our webcams?

        penguin, panda, tiger, koala, two lion cubs and a snow monkey

        Watch our webcams

      • Films and Photos

        In the wild, photos and film help us learn so much about animals. We can use them to see their lives and to work out how many animals are using a habitat.

        Which animals can you snap in a photo or video? Try our film and photo challenge > Can you use your snap to tell a story to spread the message about protecting nature? Share it with us @RZSSLearning!

        Trail Cameras in the Wild, Scotland and the Pantanal

        Hiding from the camera?

        Eagle owl eyes

        Sometimes, animals are very good at hiding from cameras! Play our feathery camouflage game and see if you can uncover a few of our well-known and lesser-known bird species! Then, try matching them up to their facts!

        Feathery Camouflage Game


        Ninja Challenge

        Your ninja challenge today is to become nature ambassadors and spread the message to protect nature in any way that you want to!

        Today's Keeper Discoveries

      • Let's Get Crafty!

        Today is all about getting crafty! Your Art Challenge is to create artwork that shows how you feel about nature and animals in any way you want to! Check out our inspiration and ideas below or just go for it!

        Zoo Inspiration

        For some art inspiration, flick through our brilliant Edinburgh Zoo graffiti artwork, created by Paco Graff!


        Outdoors Adventures

        A collection of birds made from leaves.

        Why not try making your own wormery with our instructions and then decorate it? You can then use it to recycle food waste, paper and cardboard! 

        You could also get artistic with nature and discover our RZSS bird challenge by clicking the link below.

        Collect some fallen leaves and twigs outside and use them to create one of our RZSS birds! Use the selection here for some ideas, or choose your own!

        Creative Bird Challenge

        Ninja Challenge

        Your ninja challenge today is to use FSC sustainable paper (and wood and other forest products) to help reduce habitat loss.

        More Animal Discoveries

      • Wild Africa

        Enclosure Design Challenge

        Explore our extra-ordinary EXCLUSIVE footage of our giraffe enclosure during the build with Beccy and learn about enclosure design. Then, get creative and make an enclosure for an animal! 🎨 You could create a model of your enclosure using Minecraft, Lego, recycled materials or other crafts or you could design your enclosure on paper and share it with us. The species you choose to create a home for could be alive, extinct or mythical!

        Watch the giraffes arriving in their new home!


        Western chimps come from Uganda, in the west of Africa and you can find out more about our chimps with Donald, one of our brilliant Animal Team Leaders. 


        Chimpanzees communicate with their faces just like us... but their expressions aren't always the same. Can you tell what expression each chimp is pulling here, and can you try them for yourself?

        Chimp Expressions

        Stop Motion

        Can you make a stop motion video about chimps or another African species?

        Ninja Challenge

        Your ninja challenge today is to swap five single-use items to reduce our own carbon footprints. For example, you could swap to a reusable water bottle and use any old plastic ones when you're completing your Enclosure Design Challenge!

        • Language Lovers

          Fancy trying a new language? 

          Join Tinglan and Qiqi to learn a few animal names and habitats!

          Want more animals and more adventures?

          Wild challenge logo in bright colours

          Can you complete one WILD activity a day for 30 days? Or maybe even more?!

          #Wild Challenge

          ring-tailed lemurs on a post

          Join our team to find out more about their favourite EZ and HWP animals!


          Ruby and Zed adventures

          Join Ruby and Zed for some incredible adventures and stories.

          Ruby and Zed