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    • Bamboozled: An extraordinary musical adventure

      Front Cover of Bamboozled Script

      What is Bamboozled?

      Bamboozled has been specially created to promote our charity's message of conservation. It is a contextual musical performance resource that highlights the importance of zoos in protecting species and supporting a world where nature is protected, valued and loved.

      The play has 50 speaking parts with adaptation notes for smaller and larger casts. It covers 11 scenes, with minimal costume changes and would be ideal for class or cross stage performance to showcase interdisciplinary learning and creative skills to a wider audience. 

      • Licensing and Performance Rights

        Bamboozled was developed in partnership with The School Musical Company, and therefore a performance licence and/ or filming licence is required. Licenses can be purchased directly from Schools Musical Company and were £25.00 at the time of publishing. 

        A licence allows you to:

        • Perform Bamboozled during the licence period
        • Play the audio tracks during your performance
        • Include lyrics in programmes or display of the lyrics on a IWB/White Board/Monitor for learning purposes.
        • Photocopying of the script for learning purposes.
        • Making 3 copies of sheet music, for participating musicians to use on the performance dates.
        Find out more and get your licence!

        The Schools Musical Company

        • Get a copy for free!

          We have a limited number of free copies for schools available for collection from our Discovery and Learning department in Edinburgh Zoo.

          Get in touch to request a copy!

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