Topic outline

  • Introduction

    The wildcat of Scotland (Felis silvestris silvestris) is Britain’s last native cat species and plays an important role in a healthy ecosystem. Sometimes called the Highland Tiger, wildcats look similar to a large tabby cat. However, there are key differences between them. Their size, markings, behaviours, and genetic makeup make wildcats distinct from domestic cats. Threatened by habitat loss, mistaken identities leading to accidental persecution, and hybridisation diluting the gene pool, wildcats in Scotland are now highly endangered. Scottish Wildcat Action is the first national project to save the native wildcat from extinction.

  • Education Package

    The Scottish Wildcat Action education package covers the following topics and is packed full of fun, interactive activities which link to many Curriculum of Excellence experiences and outcomes. 
    Ancient Scotland

    • Compare Scotland's forest cover throughout history and discover Scotland's wildcat references in Scottish history.
    • Activity: Scottish Clan Crest Badges
    • Activity: Scottish Forest Cover

    Identifying a Wildcat

    • Explore the key differences between wildcats in Scotland and a domestic cat.
    • Activity Level 1 and 2: Wildcat or Not?
    • Activity Level 3 and 4: Wildcat ID 

    Wildcat Biology 

    • Explore wildcat biology including their habitat, lifestyle and diet.
    • Activity: Wildcat Habitat 
    • Activity: Wildcat Food Chain

    Wildcat Threats 

    • Understand the main threats that wildcats in Scotland are facing.
    • Activity: Crime Scene
    • Activity: Family Tree 

    Wildcat Conservation

    • Discover the key elements of the wildcat conservation programme.
    • Activity: Spread the News! 
    • Activity: European Studbook 

    Scottish Biodiversity (Secondary School Level)

    • A look into the key concepts of biodiversity focusing on genetic, species and ecosystem diversity. Discover threats to biodiversity and examples of conservation efforts that are happening today. 
    • Activity: Scottish Biodiversity