Chengdu Panda Research Centre

"I visited the Chengdu Panda Research Centre in July 2019, I was delighted to be able to see an 11 day old baby panda but the panda (as you can see below) was a bit shy! I did manage to get some fantastic photos of the older pandas in the centre." Sandie Robb, RZSS Language Project Coordinator 

11 day old baby who was a bit shy but happy to show me the tail! Giant pandas are born with a tail about a 1/4 of their length but when adults, only have a tail about a 1/10 of their length. Giant panda babies are about 15cm long when first born and they don't have any of the black markings. You can see the black fur is just starting to grow in this 11 day old. Read the online book to find out more - giant panda babies

Thanks to the School of Foreign Languages, Southwest Jiaotong University, our Confucius Classroom partners for inviting me to Chengdu. 

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