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  • We're Going to the Zoo Zoo Zoo!

    We're Going to the Zoo Zoo Zoo!

    Create your own perfect day trip to the zoo, from the comfort of your sofa!

    • Plan your journey

      Lothian Bus 26 with otter decals

      Will you be "visiting" Edinburgh Zoo or the Highland Wildlife Park?

      Begin your day by planning your journey together. How will you get to the zoo? You could walk, drive or cycle, or maybe something more creative?! Why not try using maps to plan your route and find out how long each transport method would take you?

      Sing a song!

      Music always makes a journey go quicker! We have 3 lovely animal songs for you to try, or you could write your own about your favourite animal!

      Sing-along-a-tiger! 5 Little Koalas A Chimp Tune
      • Make a ticket

        The outside of Edinburgh Zoo's ticket office

        Design your own ticket to the zoo!

        You've arrived at the Zoo or Highland Wildlife Park - now it's time to get creative and make your own entry ticket! Let your imagination run wild - you could draw, paint or even model your ticket! Why not see if you have any interesting papers or old magazines you can reuse around the house?

        • Explore the map

          A slice of the map of Edinburgh Zoo

          Which animals will you visit?

          Pick out which animals you absolutely "have" to see, and plan your route around the park!

          Map of Edinburgh Zoo Highland Wildlife Park Map
          • Make a packed lunch

            a picnic

            Time to eat!

            Try packing a picnic avoiding single-use plastic (e.g. drink cartons, packets and wrappers), highly processed foods containing palm oil, and where possible choose organically grown or locally sourced foods. It's a great excuse to spend a bit of time discovering new foods or rediscovering old favourites!

            Get more sustainable ideas from the One Planet Picnic
          • Learn Something new

            gentoo penguins

            Learning about the animals

            Every visit to the Zoo includes learning something new! 

            Why not write out a list of questions you'd like to know about animals and research the answers together online - or you can ask us on Twitter! You could use our worksheet to record your research, and then why not write your own story about the animals you've been studying?

            Animal Study and Story Worksheet
            • Take a selfie

              Girl taking a selfie in a woodland

              Grab your phone and go wild at home!

              Google's 'Augmented Reality' lets you explore some amazing animals in 3D, and even take your photo with them! Simply Google search your favourite animal (for example "tiger", "lion" or "penguin") and see if you get the "view in 3D" option! (This only works on mobile devices such as phones and tablets). Let us know what animals you discover and share your best selfies with us on twitter!

              a screenshot of Google's view in 3d button

              • Visit the gift shop

                zoo toys

                Design your own toys...

                Time to get creative again for the end of your day trip! Design or make your own ideal gifts from the gift shop! 

                Some ideas of things you could make to get you started:

                Let your imagination run wild - and let us know what your ideal animal gift would be!

                ...or shop online with us!

                If you've enjoyed your online "day out", why not visit our online shop? All purchases help to support Edinburgh Zoo and Highland Wildlife Park as well as RZSS conservation and education work, both here in Scotland and around the world.       Online Gift Shop

              • Share your trip with us!

                We'd love to see your ticket designs, animal facts and wild selfies!

                Share with us!