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  • Waddle This Way

    Waddle This Way

    • A trio of penguins

      We have three species of penguin at Edinburgh Zoo and you can see them all by looking through these photos. 

      You can also learn more about each of our penguin species with our Penguins on Parade activity below.

      • Penguin Fun!

        Penguin Cam

        Watch our penguins live from Edinburgh Zoo!

        See them now!

        Penguins on Parade

        Learn more about the residents of Edinburgh Zoo and why they're here.

        Find out more

        Paper Pop-Ups

        Print and colour in your own pop-up penguin egg!

        Download now
        • Parade Poetry

          king penguins on parade

          Get poetic about the first ever penguin parade at Edinburgh Zoo or try singing our lyrics below!

          Penguin Parade Poetry 
          A group of Gentoo Penguins waddle along in the Edinburgh Zoo penguin parade
          • Penguin Olympics

            penguin head

            Can you win a medal? Practice some penguin behaviours by competing in the Penguin Olympics!

            Penguin Olympics 

            • Penguin Yoga

              Can you swim like a penguin?

              • Behind the Scenes at Edinburgh Zoo

                Learn more about our penguins from one of their keepers at the Zoo, or go behind the scenes to see the penguin prep-room!

                • Enjoyed these activities?

                  You can learn more about our amazing penguins with our slightly more advanced Puzzling Over Penguins short course.

                  Puzzling Over Penguins