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  • Giant Farewell

    Giant Farewell

    • Panda Postcards

      Giant Panda

      Share your memories of the Giant Pandas!

      Our giant pandas have been a part of Edinburgh life for over ten years, and in that time so many pople have visited them in person or on our webcams.

      Colour in a panda postcard or draw your own, and let us know your favourite memories of Yang Guang and Tian Tian over the years!

    • Monochrome March

      An panda lying in the grass in a water colour illustrated style

      Read along on our Monochrome March story and join a lost little panda and other black and white friends at Edinburgh Zoo.

      Read along now!
      • Watching the Webcam

        Panda eyes

        See what Yang Guang is up to right now!

        What should I look for?

        Panda behaviour

        Watch Yang Guang LIVE! on our webcam and look out for how he behaves!

        Animal Behaviour is the scientific study of the wild and wonderful ways in which animals interact with each other, with other living things, and with their environment.

        Why do we study animal behaviour?

        Watching how animals behave in zoos can help us give them better care, keep an eye on their health and help them to breed to conserve species. It also helps us better understand how to help them in the wild.

        What types of behaviour should we look for?

        Different types of animals have different behaviours, but generally we can look for different things most animals do:

        • Feeding behaviours - foraging, grazing and eating
        • Social behaviours - grooming each other, parenting and playing
        • Passive behaviours - resting, sitting, sleeping
        • Aggressive behaviours - attacking, biting and fighting
        • Comfort behaviours - stretching, sneezing, scratching

        Can you think of anything else pandas might do?

      • Explore a skull!

        Explore a giant panda skull in 3D!

        Model credit: "Giant Panda" by Geoffrey Marchal is licensed under CC BY 4.0

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