Topic outline

  • Cheeky the Chimp

    Cheeky the Chimp

    • Meet the Keepers

      You asked us a lot of great questions about our chimpanzees and keeper Roslin answered them in a video for you!

      • Chimp Expressions


        Chimpanzees communicate with their faces just like us... but their expressions aren't always the same. Can you tell what expression each chimp is pulling here, and can you try them for yourself?

        Chimp Expressions
        • Visit to Budongo

          Baby Chimp in Budongo Rainforest

          Join the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS) on a journey to the Budongo Conservation Field Station in the Masindi District, Western Uganda to find out more about our work protecting chimpanzees and their environments.

          Tour the Budongo Conservation Field Station



          Can you write a story own your trip to Budongo? Try using our worksheet to help!

          Animal Study and Story Worksheet
          • RZSS Goes Wild

            In this episode of #RZSSGoesWild, we take you to the rainforest of Uganda to check out the incredible work of the Budongo Conservation Field Station. We've been working in partnership with Budongo for 15 years, supporting their important research and conservation efforts, on chimps and other species. Meet the chimps of Budongo Forest, and our own chimps at Edinburgh Zoo, and learn about the connections between the two.

            • 5 Chimps

              Sing along with us!