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  • A Tigers Tale

    A Tigers Tale

    • How a Tiger Earns its Stripes

      Tiger in the snow

      What makes a tiger a tiger? Learn about the features that make up these amazing animals!

      How a tiger earns its stripes
      • 5 Tigers

        Sing along with us!

        If you have a ukulele, you can also learn the chords!

      • Watch Dharma

        Use our amazing webcam to see what our female tiger Dharma is up to!

        tiger at Edinburgh ZooTiger Cam

        Can you write your own story about tigers? Try using our worksheet to help!

        Animal Study and Story Worksheet
      • Tiger Tale


        If you've been watching our webcams very often, you'll know that our tiger Dharma can be very hard to find!

        In Tiger Tale, Ruby and Zed go on an adventure to try to find a tiger, learning about different animal behaviour on the way. Download our PDF of the experience, and take part in Ruby's challenges for yourself at home, or if you have a printer, why not put them up around your neighbourhood for other children to join in the fun? 

        Download Tiger Tale

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      • The clue is in the poo!

        Find out how we're using DNA from tiger poo to help protect tigers in Nepal! 

        Tigers are the biggest cats on the planet, but also one of the most threatened. Discover why it's important for us to understand what's on the menu for wild tigers in Nepal, how DNA from poo can help us do this, and how the tigers at our zoos helped us to refine our tiger poo detective skills.