Identifying your mini-beasts


Identifying what you have found can be daunting. Don’t feel you have to be able to identify everything straight away.

You could start by learning to identify basic groups of mini-beasts, or focus on one group such as dragonflies or butterflies. 

Don’t do it alone- there’s lots of help out there!



Easy-to-use downloadable guides to a variety of common invertebrates.


Upload your photos and get help from an online community of experts and enthusiasts.


  • Field Guides

The Field Studies Council (FSC) sells a wide range of fold-out introductory guides to mini-beasts and habitats.

If you’re interested in a particular group of invertebrates, it may be worth investing in a specialised field guide. As they range in style and format, if possible it’s a good idea to borrow (from a library or a local group) before you buy, to see which suits you best.


  • Join a local group

One of the best ways to improve your ID skills is to learn from other people.

There are many charities and organisations dedicated to particular invertebrates such as bees, dragonflies and butterflies. Take advantage of the expertise in local groups or visit their websites – many of which have ID tools.


Last modified: Friday, 20 March 2020, 1:42 PM