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Work on the Wild Side

Join our FREE online course to discover some exciting zoo careers, take our personality challenge to see which role you'd love and find out more about how you can go wild this April and beyond!

Wild Challenge

Can you do one wild activity every day for 30 days? Download your checklist for ideas now!


Join our Discovery and Learning team to find out more about their favourite animals at Edinburgh Zoo and the Highland Wildlife park. Test how much you can remember from the videos, and see if you can make your own ZooIn2!

Level: Primary

Topics Covered: Binturong, Red Deer, Tapir, Giant Panda and many more!!

Activities: Animal fact videos, Quizzes

Watching the Webcams

Have you been enjoying our wonderful webcams on a virtual visit to Edinburgh Zoo or Highland Wildlife Park? Learn more about the animals you can see, what their behaviour means, and how you can act like them at home!

Level: Primary

Topics Covered: Penguins, Tigers, Animal Behaviour

Activities: Fact files, webcams, creative writing, animal drama

Bonnie Beasts of Scotland

Discover what makes an animal native, examine the different habitats we have here in Scotland and learn about how animals are specially adapted to live there. Look closer at puffins, wildcats and beavers and go on an amazing animal safari from the safety of your sofa!

Level: Nursery, Primary

Topics Covered: Native wildlife, habitats, puffins, beavers, wildcats

Activities: Fact files, native wildlife safari, story, crafts, quizzes

Ruby and Zed

Join Ruby and Zed on their amazing adventures through conservation projects, telling stories and even travelling through time!

Level: Primary

Topics Covered: Conservation, Gaelic, creative writing,

Activities: Spot the difference, drag and drop, multiple choice quiz, printable activities