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  • A Panda's Place

    A panda's place

  • Land use and Panda Habitat

  • Be ambassadors!

    Now you have an understanding of the ways in which human activity can effect panda habitat and the need for conservation. You have been presented with a variety of information but there is no point in keeping this to yourself!

    Our charity believes that pandas are amazing ambassadors for global conservation efforts and we want to promote a world where nature is protected, valued and loved.

    Can you share this message? 

    Here are just a few ways you could actively support conservation both globally and locally:

    Share your knowledge! By sharing what you've learned here through conversations, daily interactions and digital channels, you are raising the importance of global conservation.

    Follow RZSS

    Visit your local BIAZA, EAZA or WAZA registered zoo. Being part of these organisations means we work together to support global conservation. At Edinburgh, we have the UK's only giant pandas.

    Find your nearest zoo

    Adopt an animal - at RZSS we offer a variety of adoption packages that support ongoing conservation work.

    Find out more

    You can limit climate change by living more sustainably and making smarter choices for the environment.

    What can you do?

    • Resources for Educators

      To support learners and educators we have prepared a variety of online activities and resources themed around our amazing giant pandas and their conservation, as well as further suggested activities to support planning.

      A panda eating some bamboo

      Beyond the Panda

      View a variety of language learning resources developing cultural knowledge and exploring amazing animals from around the world.

       First - Second Level

      Go Beyond the Panda!