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  • A Giant Farewell

    A Giant Farewell

    A giant panda zoomed into their eyes and ears

    Bamboo Bon Voyage!

    We have been delighted to have Yang Guang and Tian Tian with us for the last 12 years, and now it's time for a giant farewell for our giant pandas!

    As the UK's only giant pandas, they have been incredibly popular with people around Scotland and the world, helping to connect millions of people with nature. We are providing as many opportunities as possible for people to say goodbye and celebrate the tremendous impact these two charismatic bears have had on our communities helping to create a world where nature is protected, valued and loved.

    • Monochrome March

      An panda lying in the grass in a water colour illustrated style

      Read along on our Monochrome March story and join a lost little panda and other black and white friends at Edinburgh Zoo.

      Read along now!
      • Activities for Educators

        To support learners and educators we have prepared a variety of online activities and resources themed around our amazing giant pandas and their conservation, as well as further suggested activities to support planning.

        • a baby panda

          Virtual Adventure

          Join a young panda as they make some new friends in a bid to get home

          First Level

          Adventure awaits...

        • Male Panda through the trees

          Predator or Prey

          Find out more about pandas and their role within the forest ecosystem

           Second Level

          Explore the resources

        • a panda up a tree

          A Panda's Place

          Explore and debate the threats facing giant panda and their ecosystem

          Third and Forth Level

          Find out more!

        A panda eating some bamboo

        Beyond the Panda

        View a variety of language learning resources developing cultural knowledge and exploring amazing animals from around the world.

         First - Second Level

        Go Beyond the Panda!

        A panda eating some bamboo

        Interdisciplinary learning grids

        Plan your Interdisciplinary Learning Block with our helpful planners

         Early - Second Level

        Curriculum links and proposed activity planners

        • Bamboozled!

          We've teamed up with The School Musical Company to bring you Bamboozled, an extraordinary musical adventure promoting the message of conservation!

          Find out more!

          • Choose your Goodbye...

            To support learners and educators we have prepared a variety of self-led learning activities to support group visits.

            • a baby panda

              A MoNoChrome March

              Explore some of our iconic monochrome animals and how they move.

               Early to First Level

              March On...

            • Male Panda through the trees

              Bear or Not a BEar?

              Explore the biodiversity of animals at Edinburgh Zoo and discuss their similarities and differences.                  

               Second Level

              Download here

            • a panda up a tree

              Flagship species

              Explore the role of Ambassador animals and how they share an important conservation message.                      

              Third and Forth Level

              Explore our Ambassadors

            • Fun for families!

              • A panda eating bamboo

                Say Farewell!

                Share your memories of our pandas or take part in some panda crafts!

                Say goodbye!

              • A panda sat in a tree


                Learn more about Yang Guang and Tian Tian, pandas in the wild and conservation

                Learn Together

              • A panda eating bamboo

                Visit the pandas!

                Find out more about the Giant Farewell and see our pandas before they leave!

                Visit our site...