• Science in the Language Class

    Science in the Language Class

    Welcome to 'Science in the Language Class', an educational programme which provides resources that link language learning to RZSS conservation projects across the world, or to the conservation breeding programmes within RZSS sites. For each language there is a free game resource along with some additional activities and worksheets which can be used in the classroom or can assist with a visit to RZSS Edinburgh Zoo and Highland Wildlife Park.

    The Mandarin resources which explore more about China, its language, culture, geography, giant pandas and wildlife are available through our free online Beyond the Panda programme

    Mandarin with Beyond the Panda
    • Spanish

      The free Spanish game is based around the giant anteater from South America. 
    • French

      The free French game is based around the partula snails from the French Polynesia Islands. 
    • German

      The free German game is based around the black stork. 
    • Italian

      The free Italian game is based around the European (or northern) lynx.
    • Japanese

      The free Japanese game is based around the Japanese macaque, also known as the snow monkey. 
    • Gaelic

      The free Gaelic game is based around the beaver. 
    • Other Languages

      free template resources to create your own foreign language materials to use in the classroom or for visits to RZSS Edinburgh Zoo or Highland Wildlife Park.