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  • General

    Sandie Robb

    Sandie Robb

    RZSS Senior Education Officer

    Hi I'm Sandie, the project manager for the Beyond the Panda programme and the Science Specialist Confucius Classroom.

    Welcome to the free Beyond the Panda online learning resources exploring China and giant pandas.

  • Project History

    In January 2011, a historic agreement was signed between the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS) and the China Wildlife Conservation Association (CWCA) for the loan of two giant pandas to Edinburgh Zoo.

  • Planning for Pandas

  • Meet the Panda Team

    Click/Hover over the members of the team below to find out more about them.

    • Iain Valentine

      Iain Valentine

      Director of the Giant Panda Project

      Iain Valentine is Director of the Giant Panda Project and was instrumental in bringing giant pandas to Edinburgh. Much of his time is spent on panda breeding, research and cultivating cultural connections with China.

    • Simon Girling

      Simon Girling

      Head of Veterinary Services

      Simon Girling is Head of Veterinary Services to RZSS. His work involves overseeing the health of all the animals at Edinburgh Zoo and the Highland Wildlife Park - including the Giant Pandas.

    • Darren McGarry

      Darren McGarry

      Head of Living Collections

      Darren McGarry is Head of Living Collections at Edinburgh Zoo. He is responsible for all species kept in the collection at the zoo including husbandry and health management, nutrition and veterinary services.

    • Alison Maclean

      Alison Maclean

      Head Panda Keeper

      Alison Maclean is Head Panda Keeper at Edinburgh Zoo. She looked after captive bears for 25 years before Tian Tian and Yang Guang arrived and has looked after them since their arrival in December 2011.

  • Panda Pass It On

    The Beyond the Panda outreach resources focus on learning through fun, interactive activities, games and puzzles. See the full range available in the Beyond the Panda brochure. As an introduction, try our fun 'Panda Pass It On' game which has been sent on a trip across Scotland. You may be passed a hard copy version but if not, you can download a copy.

    We are also trying to track the locations where the game is played and all we need is a first name and location entered into the survey

  • Free Resources

    Please note: some of these resources (such as the games) will ask you to create a free account in order to access them.

  • About the Premium Resources

    Beyond the Panda offers a range of cross curricular premium lessons, physical teaching materials and online resources across all school age groups. 

    If you book the China Mobile Library you will gain access to the premium online follow-on materials, please make sure you are logged in to view the pages below.
    To book a China Mobile Library, contact Sandie Robb at or 07963 070654. 

    The premium follow-on resources include:

    • P1 - P3 China Mobile Library
      Accompanying the P1 - P3 panda box is a guide on how best to use the materials and some extra online class activities.
    • P4 - P7 China Mobile Library
      Accompanying the P4 - P7 panda box is a guide on how best to use the materials and some extra online class activities.
    • China Mobile Library Mini Course
      Beyond the Panda can form an 8 week mini course. Some of the additional material has been organised here into 5 suggested lesson plans which may follow the panda box and expert visit.
    • Primary Endangered Species Outreach
      A mixture of whole class interactive activities and workstations split for P1-3 and P4-7. Includes Chinese animals, habitats, threats and solutions, as well as Mandarin language games.
    • Secondary Endangered Species Outreach
      Lesson resources, activity ideas and board game materials for secondary schools and youth groups.

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